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About Ettore MUSOLINO


Our mission is to deliver the finest real estate service in Sint Maarten, upholding the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and customer care. With expertise and hard work, we provide world-class personal service while supporting our community.

Our vision is to become Sint Maarten's premier real estate firm, known for our unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, professionalism, and reputation.

Integrity - Professionalism - Exceptional customer service - Ethics - Dedication to community support.

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Born and raised in Sicily, Ettore is a highly skilled real estate specialist, broker, and consultant based in Sint Maarten.

Armed with a land surveyor diploma ("Geometra"), he brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to the table. He approaches life and business with a minimalist, stoic, and contemplative mindset, and brings a veteran's disposition to business by keeping things simple and adhering to fundamentals.

Ettore has a diverse background in business management and sales, including experience with global brands such as Pizza Hut, Conducive Technology, and Orlean Invest Africa. Ettore joined the RE/MAX brand in Italy before moving to Lagos, Nigeria to implement a marketing plan and sales strategies for a $150 million real estate project in Eko Atlantic City.

With his practical and outcome-oriented attitude, Ettore is an expert at utilizing modern technology and international abilities to market, negotiate, finalize, craft, and seal the perfect deal. His clients can trust that he will guide them through the purchase and sale processes with ease.

He starts his day with a workout and training session followed by a cup of coffee; passionate about selling the lifestyle and luxury living and is an avid reader in his free time. When he's not working, he enjoys cooking, traveling, reading, writing, and staying active, and is also a proud contributor to charitable organizations.

When he's unwinding, Ettore can often be found sipping a glass of Japanese whiskey and puffing on his Italian “Toscanello” cigar.

As he puts it "The Best Way To Predict the Future Is To Create It" perfectly embodies his forward-thinking and proactive philosophy.

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